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  • Management and partnerships for celebrity & influencer-centric projects

  • Innovation consultant for brands

  • Advisor / mentor for the creator economy


  • Multi-founder veteran

  • Inventor of several viral hits

  • Executive corporate leader (Viacom, Endemol, WeWork, Lightricks)

  • Myriad consulting / advisory roles for celebs, digital talent, high-tech startups

  • Extensive network and personal brand in the corporate, startup and creator spaces

The World of Jacob Shwirtz

As a life-long consumer of popular culture, snacking has always been a core part of the experience. My philosophy on that is crunchy before juicy. Before you can enjoy fruit or ice cream (the juicy) first eat the chips or nuts (the crunchy).

Applied universally - the hard work of crunching through a problem is required before you can enjoy its sweet, juicy rewards.

I'm happy to collect the stories of my career in the digital revolution and hear about your preferred snacking protocols as well as new opportunities for collaboration.

Ross Martin, legendary CMO at Viacom, Founder of Known

Jacob is a true digital media maven. He is renowned for his work on MTV, Endemol and WeWork, among others, plus the way in which he’s helped celebrities and cultural icons position their brands and drive revenue."
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