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Giving some credit and promotion to the people, creative works and other things that have inspired my journey.


If you woke me in the middle of the night and asked me to name the books most impactful on the approach to my career:



The people who, knowingly or not, greatly shaped my life at pivotal points:



So much of what I do is empowered by my relationships. While mentors are super impactful in the macro sense, day-to-day growth and hard-fought wins often come from relying on a small peer group of super stars I'm so lucky to be amongst. If we work together, at some point I'd probably be intro'ing you to one or more of these fine folks.



Social media is filled with inspirational quotes but hopefully some of these, that resonate with me most, are ones you haven't encountered too often:

  • Luck is the residue of design (reference)

  • Simplicity is always the secret, to a profound truth, to doing things, to writing, to painting. Life is profound in its simplicity. (reference)

  • Yes, and...! (reference)

  • If the game shakes me or breaks me I hope it makes me a better man (reference)

  • Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around (reference)

  • Only second chance I know, is the chance to make the same mistake twice (reference)

  • A quick no is better than a prolonged maybe

  • Dr. Sam Beckett never went home


Family and other important things

Last but not least, of course the biggest source of meaning in my life is my family, my heritage, my children and the hobbies that keep me sane:

  • My wife of 14+ years who continues to blow me away with her creativity

  • Our two wild, hilarious, genius kids that challenge and inspire me daily

  • Our shared passion for exploring the world and global cultures - from the islands of Japan to the small towns across America, from the relaxing beaches of Mexico to the medieval destinations of old Europe

  • And our shared hunger for all the food that can be eaten - from the delicacies of Jiro to the mastery of Noma, from an obsession with urchin to the smoky goodness of competitive BBQ judging

  • Zionism and being part of Israel's amazing, inspiring complicated story

  • My healthy addiction to Candy Crush (going on 10+ years, level 11,000+)

  • My Spotify algorithm is: Talking Heads, Billy Joel, Genesis, Alanis Morissette

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