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Working Together

I currently focus on independent work (freelance, project-based, advisory, etc.) where I can have fun and add value. This takes many forms and I approach all opportunities with an open mind. I'll try to describe a little how I break down the areas, but generally there's a lot of flexibility and it's hard to encapsulate everything here exactly.


To be clear, I enjoy both ends of the spectrum and everything in between, from advising startup founders (in exchange for the modest retainers they can afford) to taking on leadership roles at larger enterprises that need me to oversee a specific innovation project.

My biggest asset is my personal reputation/brand, which hopefully comes through on this site and in all my interactions. I honestly invite anyone to reach out for a chat, I'm always happy to offer my two cents, without any pressure of it turning more formal.

I'm a firm believer in putting out as many good vibes and free advice as possible and I've seen time and again, over the course of 20+ years, that good always comes back eventually.

That also means I'm more than happy to recommend other professionals, share my favorite/trusted vendors and make plenty of helpful intros.

Talent / Creators / Influencers / Celebrities and the Creator Economy overall

Talent: Mentoring and helping talent at key milestones on their 'path of professionalization,' such as building out a team, expanding beyond their core platform, evolving into media companies and businesses, widening monetization options, and insuring they don't get screwed. I respect and never step on the toes of managers/agents.

Companies: Beyond work with specific creators, a lot of the work I do these days is advising startups trying to solve for creator pain points. I'm passionate about building new brands, services and offerings in the Creator Economy, bringing together my relationships and expertise across talent, businesses and investors.



Embarking on innovation projects and other consultancy services for larger, established orgs. Some examples of recent client work:

  • helping a B2B tech company spin-off a B2C product offering

  • helping a globally-recognized non-profit leverage their assets to adopt new digital strategies for greater overall impact on their mission

  • helping a major US media company build out an in-house digital talent network

  • helping more than one boutique agency expand their services into more modern, digital and talent-centric offerings



My experiences bring great value to early-stage companies and I'm happy to create flexible deal-terms that evolve as priorities evolve.

This can take many forms, such as advising founding teams (imagine another smart brain at the table to provide feedback insights, relationships), acting as a Fractional CMO, or taking the lead on biz dev and partnership efforts.

This generally expands into areas of brand building and storytelling, content marketing operations, connecting to the right PR, social media, ghost writing and other services. For those at later stages, I'm sourcing/overseeing opportunities for sponsorship (inclusion in film/tv/music projects and other unique, under-the-radar opportunities) as well as offline activations (how to tackle Vidcon, making a splash at SXSW, etc., etc.)


Although not exclusively, I'm particularly interested in building businesses in the Creator Ecosystem, where I can rapidly reduce go-to-market timelines and accelerate growth.



Helping vet ideas, bringing deal-flow to the table, acting as an operator within portfolios to bring value from my experiences, relationships and capabilities. 

I have several investor relationships, with larger firms and smaller angels as well as celebrity/influencer investors.



On the more pro-bono side of things, I'm involved in various efforts at the nexus of media/entertainment/talent and Israel… helping Israeli companies connect with the right global influencers, working on projects to bring top-tier entertainment talent to Israel, and lots more.

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