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Some of my most fun work, which I can talk the least about, is my work with talent. I've been honored to be in the inner circle of some amazing traditional and digital-native stars.

My talent-centric work typically revolves around helping them and their teams upgrade their digital presence and overall strategy... content planning, team building, vetting deals and crafting partnerships to evolve their careers overall.

Some highlights I can talk about:

-Christina Tosi - As Christina was growing in popularity with her TV appearances, I helped solidify her digital strategy and expanded video efforts. I was also able to leverage my time at WeWork to give her a larger platform for marketing her most recent book.

-Katie Linendoll - As a multi-disciplinary media personality, it was so much fun to help Katie vet complex deals, launch her podcast and manage sponsors across her many online and on-air platforms.

-Michelle Phan - We worked closely together for an extended time, with me acting as her head of innovation to vet opportunities, expand her digital presence and connect the dots to new projects that grew her fanbase and creative outlets. One exciting project was crafting a partnership with Line Webtoon to launch her graphic novel, which we debuted at Comicon, on stage with none other than Stan Lee.

-Carla Gugino - We met on-set while I was leading STX's efforts to grow digital marketing strategy and I continued working with Carla after the film wrapped. I helped Carla get her digital presence in order and brought to the table innovative experiments, like partnering with Facebook to produce her first VR film, co-starring Alan Cumming.

-Kevin Smith - The prolific writer/director has been a multiple-collaborator of mine and I try to loop him in to anything I'm working on. No one has a keener sense for how to service their fan base and stay innovative as Kevin does, and it's an honor to work together every time.

-Eliza Dushku - I worked closely with Eliza in growing her impact across various efforts, from her non-profit foundation to her more recent work on behalf of voting-rights issues in the last Presidential election.

-Barry Katz - One of the funniest and kindest men on Earth, Barry has been a mentor and I'm honored to help him or his star clients any time he calls. Among other projects, I helped craft the strategy for his recent Patreon-type offerings.

*To be clear, the above is a quick survey of some things I can share. I continue to actively work with various traditional and digital talent, on and off, as a frequent advisor, mentor, partnership-connector and much more. I just can't give too many specifics...

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