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Given my early roles in media an entertainment companies within Corporate America, especially at critical inflection points in the industry, I've been able to build a solid track record of leading innovation projects. These are usually efforts to modernize or introduce new technologies and best practices to better bridge between the traditional and digital sides of the businesses.

Some highlights:

-Building out talent networks for Microsoft and Harper Collins. For Microsoft, I crafted the digital talent strategy for the grand launch and ongoing operation of their egaming studio, built into the NYC flagship store.

-Consulting for Discovery channel's linear leadership team on digital trends and how to best incorporate related digital strategies into their workflow. For example, I led Discovery's first casting of an influencer into a reality show and coordinated the digital promotion across all relevant channels.

-Advising Nickelodeon on how to evolve on-air talent agreements to better reflect the rise of digital influence, bringing together the digital marketing and traditional casting teams to work together like never before.

-Building for AMC a new monetization outlet by creating a monthly subscription product for the super-fans of The Walking Dead universe.

-Crafting a pipeline of innovation projects for Fuse Media, connecting them with the most interesting startups and new revenue opportunities, including deals with Snap, Jellysmack, Ipsy, Lingopie and others

-Creating the first on-set digital marketing strategy for STX Entertainment, integrating social media into the production of their films and leading content-capture efforts on-site.

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