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As a project of Definitely Something, in November of 2009, we launched our own product, TweetBookz. The site allowed any Twitter user to personalize and order high quality books of their tweets.

The concept blew up, people loved it and we were featured far and wide, on NBC's Today Show, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Boston Globe, Wired, Huffington Post and much more.

This was such a wild ride... launched right as Twitter was gaining popularity in 2009. At the time, the biggest news was Ashton Kutcher being the first to reach 1M followers. People loved the idea of capturing their tweets in print and we enjoyed the inbound interest from so many different corners of pop culture and the globe.

One such outreach was none other than Kevin Smith, who had caught the TweetBookz story and pitched us the idea of creating a custom book as a gift for his wife on Valentine's Day. Kevin's idea was to filter and print just the tweets where he mentions her. Jen and Kevin loved the book and a long-term creative partnership with Kevin was established!

Together, we created PodBookz, with the silly idea of printing high quality coffee table books of transcripts of podcasts, starting with an ecom store selling Kevin's most popular podcast episodes. Launched at the July '11 Comic-Con with a cool video and initial product line, the reaction was amazing and overwhelming!

TweetBookz and PodBookz remain some of my favorite projects because of their clever blending of online and offline ideas, striking a nostalgic nerve with people to have offline/tangible hints of all the time and effort we otherwise spend online/virutaly.

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