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The St0ry

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Las Vegas

The St0ry was a curated gathering I founded that brought together 30 leading voices in digital media for three days of confidential connection.

We had published authors, Emmy winners, C-level executives, artists, social activists, high tech folks and a star chef, each sharing their stories and inspiration with the other in an all-expense-paid offsite at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

Funded by the Schusterman Foundation, this think tank I created offered a chance for truly amazing people to meet and connect authentically, confidentially, offline and spark new collaborations. We were joined by three powerful catalysts who ran different sessions, Kevin Smith (Director), Eliza Dushku (social activist & actress) and Ross Martin (ad industry legend). Rick Fox (LA Lakers) also spent time with the group.

The key theme was everyone’s passion for storytelling and the increasing importance of storytelling to everything. The language of storytelling is permeating more and more fields, as people begin to understand the true potential of digital and social media to impact our society. Every participant came with their own unique take on how our culture is evolving, the role technology plays in that evolution and how people, companies, organizations and governments should understand and evolve themselves given these trends.

I'll link from the gallery to the definitive blog post I wrote in 2013 about the gathering.

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