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Definitely Something

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Definitely Something was a full-service web strategy and development agency that I co-founded with my best friend. Our interests, experience and team allowed us to offer a full range of services to a wide variety of clients. We succeeded by tapping into the best and brightest resources in Israel and elsewhere for the benefit of our mostly-American clients.

Among others, we worked extensively with MTV, VH1, Zagat Survey, Dow Jones, the Maccabiah and more. By the time we wrapped up, the company billed over $2M from clients and incubated several viral hits, setting us up very nicely for the next steps in our careers.

Highlights with MTV:

When MTV and VH1 set out to create a team of multidisciplinary digital natives to pitch, execute, manage and grow web experiments, we were recruited on day one. Given different challenges by senior management, we researched, proposed and created innovative destinations that capitalized on evolving trends.

Some of the most successful projects we pitched, built and grew were the "official dating site of MTV," called NextOrNot, and the 2007 version of Cameo (at the time we called it "celebrity MySpace") for the personalities of the reality shows across MTV and VH1 (the sites were called IamOnMTV and FamousVH1Friends).

NextOrNot went on to become a huge winner for MTV, bringing in millions of dollars in brand sponsorships but it was our little baby, with an insanely loyal audience, that we got to nurture. Check out Katy Perry giving our users a shout out below.

MTV was interested from the beginning of our relationship in using our knowledge of the Israeli high-tech and entrepreneurial scene for potential partnerships with unique and interesting start-ups. We were responsible for several deals between local companies and different properties teams across MTV/VH1.

Finally, we also recruited and managed a large team that handled 24/7 content moderation and community oversight across over dozens of MTV's highly-trafficked communities. In retrospect, it's kind of funny to think about the worst troll/hater content that had to be moderated, removed, banned all being funneled through a team of moderators mostly based in Jerusalem.

Highlights with Zagat Survey:

Zagat Survey relied on us for a variety of digital and social services over a long period. Working closely with Tim and Nina Zagat, we led digital strategy, concept development, rapid prototyping and content creation initiatives.

We managed several social marketing campaigns, including the official social media accounts. Our team was able to turn Zagat Survey into a leading foodie brand within the social ecosystem. The company's Twitter presences far outpaced its competition and was also the number one brand on Foursquare for a long time, among other social media achievements that were important at the time.

Overall, we worked hand-in-hand with leaders across the company to greatly upgrade all their digital efforts, blaze a path on social media and bring the brand to relevance with new, tech savvy audiences... all before the acquisition by Google.

**Our old agency website is still online, at, and I'll link to it from the gallery below.

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