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Contract, Advisory & Equity-based

There's nothing like helping amazing founders develop their ideas and brings their vision to the world. I am an active cheerleader of the startup ecosystem and regularly join these teams as an advisor or much more.

How I work with these companies can vary wildly... maybe just a few WhatsApp messages a week, quick feedback and reality-checks, product validation and pivot strategy, or go all the way to acting as a fractional CMO, lead partnership efforts, help them recruit and mentor their content marketing teams, or more...

Some highlights:

-Spikerz - advisory board and equity holder - Spikerz brings a suite of services to small businesses, celebrities and digital influencers, specifically focused on securing their digital assets and combatting against hackers, bot attacks, impersonators, shadowbanning and more. I'm having a lot of fun building this creator ecosystem brand with super impressive Israeli cyberwarfare specialists.

-Terrific - advisory board and equity holder - Terrific's mission is to deliver a new level of profitability from social commerce, by leveraging AI and real-time data to create personalized, engaging and interactive shopping experiences. Among other aspects of the company that I love, they build the best tools for helping livestream hosts (influencers, etc.) carry out more impactful, engaging and profitable activations.

-Pocket.Watch - advisory board and equity holder - this is an award-winning studio that brings the biggest YouTube stars to the world, including Ryan's World and Kids Diana Show.

-Arieli Capital - consulting for this wealth-building engine, innovation expert and venture fund on content marketing, brand building and diving into specific portfolio companies for additional help on a targeted basis.

-Bambassadors - acted as fractional CMO to upgrade their digital presence, overhaul the website, sales materials, launch new case studies, author a white paper and more. - assisted with their early talent partnership strategy.

-Kamua - marketing strategy, Product Hunt launch, market validation, early partnerships and, eventually, assisting with the acquisition by Jellysmack.

-Lingopie - interim-CMO of the most entertaining language-learning tool, leveraging TV & Film to help people dive into foreign cultures and languages. I helped craft content licensing deals, secure an investment from NBA star Thanasis Antetokounmpo and ambassadorship with Indian film superstar, Mallika Sherawat.

There are many others, including: Jama, Techmate, Speakfully, Decentric, AIBody and Missing Link AI.

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