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My famous wall of case studies


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As Head of Social TV & Digital Innovation, I was basically an in-house consultant, operating across the entire company, to bring digital trends to the forefront of our business strategy. I was responsible for exploring, understanding and capitalizing on the evolving relationship of social media, digital content and TV, changing user behaviors and trends in viewing, multi-screen experiences and coviewing applications across the web, mobile, tablets, game consoles and smart TVs.

I was hired because of my successful track record as a GM, ideating, launching and leading dozens of sites, games, portals, apps and social networking accounts. Leveraging my intimate relationships across the start-up ecosystem, and extensive knowledge of the vendor marketplace, I stewarded 'future of television' initiatives across all broadcast and digital properties of the company.

In addition, operating as a 'silo-buster,' I was the first to bring together all social media managers of the company, coordinating strategy across over 200 managers and 1100 accounts, to best share case studies, tools, cross-promotion strategies, enterprise-wide vendor agreements and much more. I was also the point-person for all the major platforms to have a single point of contact across Viacom - folks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

My role spanned product ownership, strategy, research, R&D, internal consulting, business development and vendor relations.

Finally, I represented Viacom publicly with regular speaking engagements at conferences and with the press. In May 2012 I was also named to Multichannel News' list of "top ten social media mavens."

(By the way, the cover image above is the wall from my office, where I was famous for creating and posting case studies of innovation from across the TV ecosystem. People would come to peruse them like in a library and consult with me on their own efforts to do something innovative.)

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