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I joined Lightricks at an important time in it's evolution, with the rise of the Creator Economy and the company's need to better establish it's brand presence beyond just it's individual product offerings. Millions of people used and loved Lightricks products but didn't even know who or what Lightricks was. My job was to fix that as the company's first head of content marketing, bringing together all social media, talent partnership, original content and community efforts across the 10-year old startup valued at $2B.

Wrapping up my time at Lightricks, I'm very proud to have brought the brand to new heights of awareness through a vast upgrade in social media sophistication, a comprehensive approach to influencer/talent partnerships and a series of experiments and iterations across community, original content, and experiential marketing.

Some highlights:

-I architected the biggest influencer deal in Israeli history, with the D'Amelios taking an equity stake and becoming broad-based ambassadors for the company - posting over 500 times in the year, driving over $50M EMV.

-We produced Dixie's music video, with fans getting the chance to be a part of it and the video debuted on MTV as well as in Times Square.

-My team executed a huge activation at Vidcon (with Charli D'Amelio, Marc D'Amelio and Brandon Baum) and won "best creator lounge." It was Charli's first time at Vidcon and a personal honor for me to be the one showing her and Marc around.

-Of the 100+ influencer deals we crafted, some of the most fun were with Brandon Baum, MrBeast, Maye Musk, Jordan Rudess, Lorena Pages and Kiersay, among many others. We even pulled off a collab between Charli and MrBeast, another first!

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