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I spent two years as a founding executive for Endemol's digital efforts (also spanning the merger with Shine, making it the largest content producer in the world!) In a career milestone, I can claim to be one of the first people to hold the title of Chief Social Media Officer at a leading, global media company.

I worked across myriad TV and digital-native shows, talent and projects and I built a fierce social media brain trust that evangelized social media strategy across the organization, bringing digital to the core of what we did, not just a nice-to-have or something for the marketing silo to handle.

Some highlights:

-Ran and reinvigorated digital communities around shows, including Wipeout, Fear Factor and others.

-Kicked off 2015 as the digital show-runner and strategist for the massively successful Pitbull's New Year's Revolution on FOX. It was my responsibility to coordinate all social media in and around the show. From working with the writers on integrating social media, to the control room operators who got a Twitter scroll on-air, to the teams of each talent on the show (including Enrique Iglesias, Fall Out Boy, Becky G, Fifth Harmony, The Band Perry and more) and, finally, working hand-in-hand with the man of the hour, Pitbull (and his top-30 Twitter and Facebook presence!)

-Launched several web series with Pitbull, Courtney Love and others.

-Built and managed the social team for the award-winning Steve Harvey Show, greatly upgrading its digital and social strategy. NY Post called Steve the "most powerful man in daytime"​ and the show reached the "top Social TV" list multiple times, even while airing repeats over the summer!

-We crafted a multi-million dollar, multi-year deal with Michelle Phan to grow her YouTube, expand her non-YT channels, launch networks and other projects together. For two years I worked very closely with Michelle and her team across all these efforts. We had some amazing successes, like monetizing her IG and FB (whereas before only YT was monetized), crafting partnerships with Pinterest and others, launching her book, building a network of talent around her and many more activities.

-Facebook wrote a great case study for their official blog on my strategy for the launch of Michelle's book, which reached the best-sellers list and won GOLD in the AVA Digital Awards.

-On the digital-native side of the business, we launched accounts and grew quality communities around many stars, including Michelle Phan, Jessica Sanchez, Brittany Furlan (top female Vine star), Andy Milonakis and more.

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